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Leaf screener is one type of gutter guard system that stops leaves and vermin from getting inside your valleys, gutters and down pipes.

This product is fireproof with a flammability index of 0, because it is made from aluminium. There is a Poly Ethylene mesh available, which will also keep your gutters, valleys and down pipes free of leaves for many years to come.

Installation of these products

Firstly our expert installer will introduce themselves to you and they will explain how they will clean out all your valleys, gutters, and downpipes if needed, before they install to the front edge of the gutter using a colour bond trim that is 12x12mm held tiles and under second row of tiles to hold it in place.

Why you should consider Leaf Guards :

  • No more cleaning valleys, gutters and down pipes off ladders that will slide or walk away.
  • Stops water from entering roof area and causing damage.
  • Helps maintain the manufactures warranty on the gutters and down pipes.
  • Prevents birds or rats from entering the roof area from gutters and valleys.
  • Stops leaves from entering water tanks.
  • Colour mesh to match the roof and colour trim to match the gutters.

About Leaf Screener

Leaf Screener Colours

Colours available will suit the majority of roofs - view colour chart here

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